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Unlocking Your Potential: Harnessing the Power of Your Astrologer

Are you planning to consult an astrologer for the first time? The thought of the first meeting must be terrifying you. Do you want to know the approach to get the best out of the astrologer? Will the meeting be fruitful? It is normal to feel anxious and apprehensive as you have not seen an astrologer before. DO NOT WORRY. An expert astrologer will be your friend, and guide. Take the first step, meet your astrologer and find a friend for life, ready to guide you whenever you are in need.

Here are a few points to help you with your first appointment with an astrologer.

Give Your Accurate Birth Time.

Astrologers will first ask for your birth time to answer your queries. Your birth time, date, and place are crucial to making your personalized, unique birth chart. So, make sure you are providing the correct birth time. Please do not give the birth time as 3.00 pm if you know it is 3.03 pm. The more accurate the data you provide, the more precise your chart with the best situation analysis and perfect predictions.

The birth time is when the newborn babies first take in their breath. The expecting parents and those who plan to have children should keep in mind to collect the correct birth time to the minute, at least. You or your child may consider consulting with an astrologer in the future, for which the correct birth time becomes necessary.

Where to get the birth time? 

Ask your mother for the birth time. If she does not remember it, check the birth certificate, as some will have it mentioned, or check the baby book. If you do not get it in all these places, do not go to guess it. If you give an incorrect birth time just for the heck of giving, you will not be doing any good for yourself or the astrologer. If you do not know the correct birth time, you better tell your astrologer rather than give incorrect information.

Fix an appointment

Please fix an appointment before visiting the astrologer. Anyone appreciates when informed earlier, and it will help them make the necessary arrangements for the consultation. The astrologer may prepare and study your birth chart if you have given him the birth details while fixing the appointment. It will provide much time for clarifying your doubts as he has studied your birth chart beforehand. Also, some astrologers prefer to meditate and follow breathing and other techniques before seeing their clients, as it helps analyze situations. 

Come straight to the point.

If you have gone for clarification on a specific issue, tell the astrologer about it. Normally, the first session between an astrologer and a client lasts one hour. It may take more time, depending on the clarifications you want. But normally, as a new client, you can take and comprehend an hour’s session. So, please use that one hour by clearly telling the astrologer the point he should focus on in that session. Else, the astrologers in India will talk about things that they feel are important. Before you realize you have not asked the main point that you wanted to, you will have run out of your scheduled time.

Do you change your astrologer frequently?

Do you often hop from one astrologer to another in search of answers? Are you unable to find that one astrologer who resonates with you? It is fine that you are searching for an astrologer who suits you. However, ensure you refrain from rubbishing your previous astrologers in front of the new one. Your attitude may leave a bad impression on the new astrologer. He will sense that you will talk ill about him with your next astrologer and will be wary of you. 

Remember the above points while going in for your first free chat with an astrologer. Find an astrologer that suits you and keep him close, as he is nothing less than an angel who can caution you or bring you out of any precarious situation.

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