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Meeting the Best Sniper in Brawl Stars

Choosing the best sniper in Brawl Stars has been a long-running discussion among players until today. Factors such as the damage output, range of distance, and the health percentage are just some of the factors that are taken into consideration.

But through this guide, we will settle this conversation by giving you the top three picks of the majority in the category of strongest snipers. So don’t waste your bucks by spending on the wrong unit. Instead, buy Brawl Stars gems cheap to upgrade these amazing brawlers.

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Piper Brawl Stars, the sweet and charming princess is here at the top of the list to surprise you with her long-ranged fighting skill. Don’t let her sweet facade fool you because behind her deceiving looks is her whole plan of defeating you in just a shot.

Players who main Piper should know that space and distance are their best allies because their shots deal more damage the further she is from their targets. In fact, Piper is considered one of the strongest long-ranged characters in the game. To compensate for that, she has the second lowest HP. That is why mastery of the use of her gadgets is crucial as they knock back enemies, giving Piper more space for a higher damage output.


A poisonous shot can always be lethal, especially when it is Angelo.

Just like any archer, Angelo Brawl Stars has very keen and sharp eyes when it comes to his target, knowing exactly where to aim and where to land his arrows. From a great distance, Angelo can easily strike a shot with great damage upon hit.

What makes Angelo a good choice as well is his high movement speed which allows him to easily relocate himself to find a good spot and angle. His Super grants him more damage output as he poisons his arrow which can deal higher damage to enemy units.


Another brawler made it to the list of the strongest snipers in the game. Nani, the security camera, can easily see through you even all your hidden weaknesses.

Using three light orbs, she can easily land heavy attack damage on each target. Although Nani also has a low HP relative to other players, her attacks do the job of taking the maneuver to victory.

Besides these characteristics, her Super allows her to call her drone, Peep, which she can manually control and use to her advantage by teleporting to its location and surprising enemies with her deadly attacks.

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