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Everything You Need To Know About 3.50 Carat Oval Lab Grown Diamonds


Lab grown diamonds, due to advancement in technology, have begun to penetrate the market though those that are cultured are considered to be real diamonds. Mined diamonds are non-earthly, these known laboratory grown or man made diamonds are the right type as compared to mined diamonds. Out of all the varieties and sizes of vehicles, the 3.50 carat oval lab grown diamond also emerges as a great option when it comes to size, shape, and brilliance.

Definition of Lab Grown Diamonds

Synthetic diamonds, otherwise referred to as cultivated or manufactured diamonds, are genuine stones grown in laboratories through mimicking the natural diamond formation manner. These diamonds have all the characteristics, both physical, chemical, and optical as the mined diamonds have.

Importance of 3.50 Carat Oval Lab Grown Diamonds

The 3.50 carat oval lab grown diamonds have a special importance for several reasons. It is large enough, so it becomes a very impressive piece of furniture, and due to its oval frame, it looks very sophisticated. More to this, since it is a lab grown diamond, it is associated with sustainability and responsible nexus.

Introduction to the European Diamond Industry

Diamond industry growth has changed significantly during the past several decades.This has made consumers and jewelers, especially those who are concerned with the strict environmental and ethical consequences of mining in search of this gem stone to opt for lab grown diamonds. These changes include some due to efficiency, some due to improvement in technology and some due to shifts in trends that may see new markets surfacing.

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Historical Context

Lab Grown Diamonds – A Glorious Revolution

The history of artificial diamonds can be traced back to the middle of the 20th century, which is rather interesting. The first efforts to achieve the synthesis of diamonds happened around the early part of the 1950s at the General Electric company. Since then, technology advanced by leaps and bounds creating ideal cut diamonds that can be barely distinguished from mined ones.

Milestones in Diamond Cultivation

Some of the steps that have had an influence on lab grown diamonds are upgrading techniques such as High Pressure High Temperature technique-HPHT and Chemical Vapor Deposition-CVD. They also help in the development of diamonds that satisfy the required standards in the jewelry industry and market.

Diamonds: The Rise of the Oval Shape

The oval diamond cut is quite interesting and definitely has its beginning in the 1960s. As it is clear that it has the elongated shape that increases the carat weight, many people with the dream of the unique yet elegant look will consider this type of necklace. Even though oval cut diamond engagement rings have come under high demand for years, the introduction of lab grown diamonds has significantly increased its popularity due to its cost-effectiveness without compromising its quality.

Benefits of lab grown diamonds:

Environmental Benefits

Lab grown diamonds seem to have far reaching environmental benefits over mined diamonds. Open cast mining in particular is highly destructive to the natural environment due to its effects on land use, water pollution and emissions. Lab grown diamonds, in the same proportion, have smaller resource demands and are more friendly to the environment hence being eco-friendlier than mined diamonds.

Ethical Considerations

Lack of ethical practices most especially in conflict or “blood” natural diamonds has challenged the natural diamond industry. Lab grown diamonds allow for no ambiguity in their supply chains, meaning that no human rights are violated in making these gemstones. This ethical assurance is another reason customers opt for lab grown types of food crops.

Cost Effectiveness

In as much as there are several qualities of lab grown diamonds, this one of the most vital aspects as evident in this article is the cheaper nature of the diamonds. Traditionally, laboratory-grown diamonds are priced 20-40% less expensive than the mined diamonds with similar stone quality. This price difference makes it possible for consumers to afford bigger or better qualities of diamonds that they would like, without having to buy from unethical dealers.

Comparative Analysis

Lab grown Diamonds vs mined Diamonds

The main distinction between lab grown and mined diamonds involves the manner of their creation. They are just distinguishable with the help of devices that can capture physical and chemical properties since the differences cannot be seen. Yet, most lab grown diamonds are known to be cheaper and also are characterized to be ethical and also environmentally friendly.

Oval and Other Diamond Cuts

The oval diamond cutting style is special because the diamond may seem to be larger than its actual weight. While the round, princess or emerald cuts give a certain look, the oval cut gives another appearance and is more of a contemporary one. It also creates the illusion of the length of the fingers making them look thinner which is very attractive.

Price Comparisons

Lab grown diamonds are cheaper than mined diamonds in terms of price, which is another advantage. For a 3. A 50 carat oval lab grown diamond, the price might be considerably less than a mined diamond of the same dimension while offering better value for money without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Buying Guide

How to Choose A 3. 50 Carat Oval Lab Grown Diamond.

When selecting a 3.50 They should consider the following four attributes referred to as the 4Cs namely carat, cut, color, and clarity of the oval lab grown diamond that weighs 50 carats.Focus more on the relative measurements because size and shape also have the traditional reserve that determines the visibility of the brilliance. Before considering the used diamond to be genuine, it is important that you verify whether the diamond has been graded by a reputable gemological laboratory that is different from the company you purchased the diamond from.

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